2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Course Descriptions

Curriculum and Instruction
Educational Theory & Practice
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EDCI 403 Using Technology in School Mathematics
3 cr. Prerequisites: Admission to Teacher Education Program; completion of EDU 270 or equivalent; M 131, EDU 381.  Deals with different technologies relevant to elementary school mathematics:  the Math Explorer calculator, the graphing calculator, and computer applications such as logo, Geometer’s Sketchpad, spreadsheets, and graphing software.  The appropriate integration of technology in mathematics instruction will be dealt with.

EDCI 407 Integrating Technology in the Curriculum
2 cr. Prerequisites: EDU 270 and admission to Teacher Education program.  Focuses on advanced topics in educational computing, including the selection, evaluation, and integration of classroom and administrative software; integration of educational telecommunications; and the development of a plan for integrating technology at the building and district level.

EDCI 429 Composition in the Elementary School
3 cr.  Traces the development of writing from scribbling through full narrative.  Students participate in the examination of children’s writing.  Current research on writing in the elementary school is discussed.

EDCI 430 Environmental Education for Teachers
3 cr.  Explores the philosophy and rationale for environmental education.  Considers the ecological foundations required of environmental studies programs and deals with issues in multidisciplinary curriculum design and instructional procedures.

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