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RD ― Reading


RD 502 Research in Special Programs

3 cr.  Guides graduate students in application of different types of research in their professional setting.  Types of research may include individual case studies, action research, quasi-experimental design, ethnographic studies, or others as appropriate.


RD 505 Psychological Processes in Reading

3 cr. (Sp)  Deals with models and theories of print processing; the nature of comprehension; and the relationships of language subsystems, visual and non-visual information and context on construction of meaning during reading.


RD 506 Literacy Leadership and Coaching

3 cr.  Prerequisite:  RD 517.  (Sp)

Prepares students for the role of a literacy leader.  Students will explore the theoretical base for reading coaching, including theories of adult development, curriculum evaluation, and organizational change.  Students will also learn tools for developmental teacher evaluation and will be equipped with strategies in providing feedback to teachers.  This course will also prepare students in understanding current educational policies as well as advocacy techniques.  Includes 30 hours of practicum experience.


RD 510 Instructional Practices in Literacy Education

2 cr. (even F)  Provides background in literacy development necessary to examining and expanding upon current practices and present uses of adopted texts and other materials.  Explores approaches to integration within the reading program; covers reading teaching methods which are simultaneously diagnostic and developmental.


RD 513 Developing Student Writing

3 cr. (F)  Provides students with a view of the writing process, methods for engaging children in writing activity in the classroom, assessments of and interventions into the writing efforts of children, and understanding of writing-reading connections consistent with current practices in reading education.


RD 514 Teaching Reading K-3

3 cr. Prerequisites: EDU 397A/EDU 433. (F)  Introduces students to developmentally appropriate methods for teaching and assessing reading and literacy in early elementary classrooms.  This course will focus on the instruction of Reading in the primary grades (K-3) as reflected in best practices and current research.


RD 517 Diagnostic Aspects of Reading Difficulties

3 cr. Prerequisite: Six (6) graduate hours in reading or experience in remedial reading. (Su)  Provides advanced analysis of the reading processes of students experiencing difficulty with reading and reading instruction.  Introduces diagnostic assessments, instrumentation, procedures, interpretations, interventions and record keeping methods, and provides a clinical experience.  Lab fee required.  Valid Criminal background check required.


RD 518 Literacy in Rural and Multicultural Settings

3 cr.  Provides theoretical background and practical experience in approaching literacy acquisition and development in rural and multicultural settings.  Offers consideration of the nature of literacy itself vis-à-vis linguistic, cultural, socio-economic, gender, racial, ethnic, and intellectual diversities.  Examines the impact of rural and linguistic sub-group poverty on the development of literacies.


RD 519 Reading Round Table

V1-3 cr. (Su)  Provides students with literature study routines and materials for nine juvenile/young adult trade books; discussion and engagement focuses on one title at a time using a literature workshop method.  Examination of reading practices which employ trade books in middle and secondary schools is included.


RD 520 Content Area Reading and Writing

3 cr. Prerequisite: Graduate standing or consent of instructor. (Sp, Su)  Focuses on the use of reading and writing in the content area.  Emphasis is on using writing and reading as a means for achieving content area concept development and evaluating concept development.  This course is designed to help content area teachers use writing and reading as an instructional tool in their content area classrooms, teach specialized concepts and vocabularies, teach study and organizational skills for specific content material, and provide teachers with ways to effectively evaluate student writing and concept development.


RD 531 Storytelling

3 cr.  Provides students with background in the nature of oral narrative, offers developmental experience for the novice teller, and ties storytelling and practices in oral narrative in general to language acquisition and development.


RD 532 Teaching Reading 4-12

3 cr.  Offered ONLY Online.  (Sp)  Explores how to implement research-based instructional practices that scaffold literacy development in the areas of motivation, engagement, reading expository text, using prior knowledge, vocabulary, comprehension, writing, and studying.  Additionally, this course examines how to implement research-based assessment techniques for monitoring of students’ growth and instructional practices to support continued progress.  Provides a view of literacy development consistent with the abilities, interests, and needs of intermediate, middle school, and secondary students.


RD 535 Literature for Young Children

3 cr. Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education program.  Examines children’s literature for children in grades P-3.  Students study key aspects of the history of children’s literature, of current children’s literature, and develop an understanding of literary features of children’s literature including genre, illustration, literary elements, and thematic treatments.  Students consider instructional approaches for engaging young children in working with literature.


RD 589 Professional Development

V1-3 cr.  Designated course number for professional development credit bearing courses offered by Extended Campus.  These credits do not count toward any degree at MSU Billings.


RD 590 Internship

V1-6 cr. Prerequisite: Approved plan of study and approved internship application. (F, Sp, Su)  Provides experience in a responsible appointment as an assistant in a reading setting.  Periodic Seminars will be required.  Lab fee required.  Valid Criminal background check required.


RD 591 Independent Study

V1-6 cr. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor, approval of the department chairperson, and the Dean of Education, and Independent Study contract filed with the Office of Graduate Studies. (F, Sp, Su)  Provides an opportunity for students of superior academic standing to explore material not covered by regular graduate courses in Reading.


RD 592 Seminar

V1-6 cr. (F, Sp, Su)  Provides an opportunity to investigate topics at the advanced level pertinent to the area of Reading.


RD 593 Workshop

V1-6 cr. (F, Sp, Su)  Provides an opportunity for experimental study at the advanced level in an area of Reading.


RD 597 Action Research Project and Seminar

3 cr. Prerequisite: Seventy-five percent of plan of study completed successfully. (Sp)  Supports student research in areas relevant to instructional practices, diagnostic procedures, and theoretical issues in reading.


RD 599 Thesis

6 cr. Prerequisite: EDF 501 or equivalent and an approved plan of study required.  This course may be given the grade of “T” until research and writing is completed and accepted within the time limit of the degree.