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HHP ― Health & Human Performance


HHP 501 Survey of Exercise and Sport Science

3 cr. Prerequisite: Admission to M.S. or instructor permission.  Surveys the ways in which different scientific, core bodies of knowledge in exercise physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, and neural control intersect to form the foundation for professional activities in sport and exercise.


HHP 502 Research in Exercise and Sport Science

3 cr. Prerequisite: Admission to M.S. or instructor permission.  Covers research and the statistical analysis that support research-specific, evidence-based practice in contexts unique to exercise science and sport.


HHP 518 Health Enhancement Methods and Materials K-8

2 cr. (F)  Examines theories and models of curriculum design and teaching methodologies for grades K-8 Health Enhancement.


HHP 540 Foundations of Sport Leadership

3 cr. (F) Explores theory and practice leadership principles applied to coaching and sport settings.  Special attention is devoted to various applied strategies including:  leadership/coaching styles, leader personality and behavior, basic anatomy and biomechanics of human movement, decision-making, risk management, planning and organizing, processing and evaluating, communicating and motivating, time management, and conflict management.  Use of the case study method is applied to various sport settings.


HHP 545 Exercise Testing and Prescription (crosslisted with KIN 415)

3 cr. Prerequisite: HHP 430. (F)  Explores basic techniques in the assessment of physical fitness, prescription of exercise for healthy and unhealthy adults, and promotion of physical activity within communities.


HHP 550 Psychological Principles

3 cr.  Covers the psychological dimension of sport science, focusing on advanced motor learning and applied sport psychology.  Special attention is focused on sport psychology interventions with strong research support for their effectiveness.


HHP 560 Sport Marketing

3 cr.  Explores the theory and practice of the marketing of sport as a product and the marketing of non-sport-related products through sport.  Includes the study of various specific areas, such as market definition, consumer analysis, market research, market segmentation, product positioning, pricing, promotion, marketing communication, distribution, and sponsorship applied to sport.


HHP 570 Sport Organizations and Governance

3 cr. (F) Explores the theory and practice of sport organizations and their various governance structures.  Organization theory is presented in the context of sport organizations that regulate high school athletics, intercollegiate athletics, international amateur sport, and professional sport.


HHP 589 Professional Development

V1-3 cr.  Designated course number for professional development credit bearing courses offered by Extended Campus.  These credits do not count toward any degree at MSU Billings.


HHP 590 Internship

V1-9 cr. Prerequisite: Approved plan of study and approved internship application.  Provides experience in a responsible appointment as an assistant in physical education and/or health settings.


HHP 591 Independent Study

V1-6 cr. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor, approval of the department chairperson and the Dean of Allied Health Professions, and Independent Study contract filed with the Office of Graduate Studies.  Provides an opportunity for students of superior academic standing to explore material not covered by regular graduate courses in the Department of Health and Human Performance.


HHP 592 Seminar

V1-6 cr.  Provides an opportunity to investigate topics at the advanced level pertinent to the area of Health and Physical Education.


HHP 593 Workshop

V1-6 cr.  Provides an opportunity for experimental study at the advanced level in an area of Health and Physical Education.


HHP 594 Clinic

V1-6 cr. Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor.  Provides an opportunity to explore and develop advanced skills with individuals in Health and Physical Education.


HHP 597 Capstone Project

V 1-6 cr. Prerequisite: Admission to the graduate ALiHR program and consent of instructor. (F, Sp, Su)  Explores quantitative and qualitative research methodologies used in the health and human professions and evaluation of published research in the field.  The capstone activity involves designing, implementing, assessing, and presenting a research project or program.  Basic format and organization issues are covered, along with how to identify a research topic and program, assess resources, and write a literature review.


HHP 598 Research Project

V3-6 cr. (F, Sp)  Provides graduate students an opportunity to research a selected topic in athletic training interdisciplinary studies or sport leadership in close consultation with a graduate faculty committee.  Students will present their project both in writing and orally.


HHP 599 Thesis

6 cr. Prerequisite: EDF 501 or equivalent and an approved plan of study required. (F, Sp)  This course may be given the grade of “T” until research and writing is completed and accepted within the time limit of the degree.