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EDF ― Educational Foundations


EDF 501 Research Design and Interpretation

3 cr. (F, Sp, Su)  Extends students’ undergraduate preparation, via a survey of the broad areas of research that address human behavior, ranging from natural history through experimental strategies to philosophy of science.  Engages students in what was historically known as natural philosophy.  The concepts, skills, insight, and understanding needed to appropriately apply and interpret this wide range of research are presented, with students engaging in individual projects that lead them through every phase of integrated, though introductory, research.  The course provides the basis for further master’s level research.


EDF 515 Social, Philosophical, and Legal Issues in Education

3 cr. Prerequisites: Graduate standing or consent of instructor. (F, Sp, Su)  Asks students to analyze their own assumptions about the process of education, develop understanding of key social, philosophical, and legal issues in public education, and relate these issues to their own work in schools.  Includes recent developments in education law.  (Discussion-based course designed for graduate students working toward licensure as teachers or school counselors and practicing teachers or counselors.)


EDF 530 Advanced Human Development and Learning

3 cr. (F, Sp, Su)  Builds upon relevant undergraduate preparation in order to critically examine the major theories developed to understand human learning and development.  Inquiry focuses on criticism of the theories themselves, examination of the empirical support or lack of support they receive, and the professional principles and practices derived from each theory.


EDF 589 Professional Development

V1-3 cr.  Designated course number for professional development credit bearing courses offered by Extended Campus.  These credits do not count toward any degree at MSU Billings.


EDF 590 Internship

V1-6 cr. Prerequisite: Approved plan of study and approved internship application. (F, Sp, Su)  Provides experience in a responsible appointment as an assistant in a foundation and/or leadership setting.  Lab fee required.  Valid Criminal background check required.


EDF 591 Independent Study

V1-6 cr. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor, approval of the department chairperson and the Dean of Education, and agreement filed with the Office of Graduate Studies. (F, Sp, Su)  Provides an opportunity for students of superior academic standing to explore material not covered by regular graduate courses in Educational Foundations.


EDF 592 Seminar

V1-6 cr. (F, Sp, Su)  Provides an opportunity to investigate topics at the advanced level pertinent to the area of foundations and/or leadership.


EDF 593 Workshop

V1-6 cr. (F, Sp, Su)  Provides an opportunity for experimental study at the advanced level in an area of foundation and/or leadership.


EDF 594 Clinic

V1-6 cr. Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor.  Provides an opportunity to explore and develop advanced skills in working with individuals in a foundation and/or leadership setting.  Lab fee required.  Valid Criminal background check required.


EDF 599 Thesis

6 cr. Prerequisite: EDF 501 or equivalent and an approved plan of study required.  This course may be given the grade of “T” until research and writing is completed and accepted within the time limit of the degree.


EDF 698 Directed Research Project (crosslisted with EDCI 698)

3 cr. Prerequisite/Corequisite: EDCI 697. (Sp)  Provides practicing teachers who are pursuing a master’s degree the opportunity to engage in a semester-long directed research project.  Each student will work closely with a faculty member to develop and conduct a research project and then analyze and present the results of the project.  The specific type of research design will vary depending on student interest.