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SIGN - Sign Language

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SIGN 101 Introduction to American Sign Language

3 cr. (F)  Provides students with the ability to sign as well as understand a deaf person with basic questions, statements, and commands in American Sign Language (ASL).  Upon successful course completion, the student can have simple conversations with a client and be able to assist them with filling out forms.  This does not replace the need for an interpreter, but would allow the counselor or receptionist to have a conversation with the client in order to make an appointment or to fill out the initial paperwork.


SIGN 201 Intermediate American Sign Language

3 cr. Prerequisite: SIGN 101. (Sp)  Provides students with additional skills in American Sign Language vocabulary and grammar, building on a foundation learned in SIGN 101.  Skills learned in SIGN 201 can be used to complete an initial interview with a deaf client.  Students will also learn more about deaf culture and will meet the Billings deaf community in order to practice what is learned in the course.