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HEE - Health Enhancement

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HEE 303 Methods of Lifetime Fitness Activities

[formerly HHP 344 Physical Education Techniques I]

3 cr. (Sp)  Identifies developmentally appropriate techniques, skills, strategies, and progressions for teaching competitive and lifelong leisure team and individual activates.


HEE 305 Methods of Teaching Movement Exploration

[formerly HHP 346 Physical Education Techniques II]

3 cr. (F)  Identifies developmentally appropriate techniques, skills, strategies, and teaching progressions for teaching fundamental elementary health enhancement activities, rhythms, dance, gymnastics, and Native American/low organized games activities.


HEE 306 Methods of Conditioning Activities

[formerly HHP 348 Physical Education Techniques III]

3 cr. (Sp)  Identifies developmentally appropriate techniques, skills, strategies, and teaching progressions for teaching fitness, wellness activities, and basic strength and conditioning fundamentals.


HEE 308 Methods of Physical Education K-12

[formerly HHP 370 Methods of Physical Education K-12]

3 cr. Prerequisite: Admission to Educator Preparation Program. (F)  Provides the Health and Human Performance teacher education major or minor with opportunities to investigate appropriate strategies for teaching Health Enhancement in the K-12 school.  The student will gain experience writing developmentally and culturally appropriate lesson plans for teaching the following activities:  fundamental movements including locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills; body management skills; rhythmic skills and gymnastics; game skills, relays, and personal challenges; and sport-specific skills.  In addition, students will gain experience planning for physical fitness and wellness activities.  Legal considerations associated activities with activity-based education will also be discussed.  Students will briefly discuss evaluation, classroom management and discipline, and rainy day activities in and out of the gym setting.  The integration of physical activities with health education and other disciplines is also discussed.


HEE 309 Health Enhancement Strategies K-8

3 cr. (3 lec/wk) (F, Sp)  Covers methods of health enhancement education for the elementary education major and minor K-8.  Students write lesson plans, participate in teaching activities, and evaluate the activities.  Methods discussed are applied to the following health content areas:  mental and emotional health, family living, growth and development, nutrition, personal health, substance use and abuse, communicable and chronic diseases, injury prevention and safety including pedestrian and bicycle safety, and consumer and environmental community health.  Additionally, methods of teaching basic movement education, such as dance and rhythmic movement, physical fitness, gymnastics and related skills, and cooperative games are presented.



HEE 310 Methods of Adapted Health Enhancement

[formerly HHP 365 Special Populations in Health and Physical Education]

2 cr. Prerequisite: KIN 205 or Consent of instructor. (Sp)  Focuses on understanding and developing the skills needed to appropriately adapt health and physical education for students who cannot participate safely or successfully in health and physical education classes without modifications.  Since students receiving adapted physical education may receive instruction in a variety of settings (i.e. educational environments), adapted physical education practices vary widely and this course surveys the range of modifications that are needed to provide appropriate participation for all students.  Hands-on activities are an essential component of the course and participation is expected of all students.


HEE 340 Methods of Health Education

[formerly HHP 340 Health Education Strategies]

3 cr. Prerequisite: Admission to Educator Preparation Program. (Sp)  Develops the ability of students to plan and implement health instruction programs in school, workplace, and community settings.  Students will explore the “WHAT,” “WHEN,” “WHERE,” and “HOW” of health education.  The course will focus on:  Planning for health instruction (curriculum and content), Writing effective behavioral objectives, Learner-centered instructional strategies, Teaching sensitive health-related content, The relationship of instructional strategies to behavioral outcomes, and Evaluating student learning.  Students will also investigate cultural and global perspectives as well as the integration of health issues with other academic disciplines.


HEE 410 Organization and Administration in Sport Fitness

[formerly HHP 461 Organization and Administration in Health Enhancement]

3 cr. Prerequisite: Admission to Educator Preparation Program. (Sp)  Examines important principles related to planning, organizing, leading, and administering health enhancement programs.