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EGEN - Engineering: General

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EGEN 105 Introduction to General Engineering

2 cr. (1 lec/2lab/wk) (F, Sp)  Provides students an opportunity to explore the fields of engineering, engineering technology, and computer science.  Other topics include engineering design, career opportunities, professionalism, and ethics.


EGEN 201 Engineering Mechanics—Statics

3 cr. (3 lec/wk) Prerequisite: PHSX 220 & PHSX 221. Corequisite: M 273. (F, Sp)  Covers the equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies; static analysis of structures including trusses, beams, frames, and machines; coulomb friction, area and mass centroids; and moments and products of inertia.


EGEN 202 Engineering Mechanics—Dynamics

3 cr. (3 lec/wk) Prerequisite: EGEN 201. (Sp)  Covers kinematics, kinetics, work-energy, and impulse-momentum for particles and rigid bodies.


EGEN 205 Mechanics of Materials

3 cr. (3 lec/wk) Prerequisite: EGEN 201. (Sp)  Covers stress and strain, Hooke’s Law, thermal strain, torsion, bending of beams, combined stress, limit analysis, energy methods, virtual work, and column theory.