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COMP - Computer Sciences

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COMP 100 Topics in Computer Programming

3 cr. R-9. Prerequisite: M 095 or equivalent.  Introduces the logic and techniques of computer programming.  Computer languages will vary; may be repeated for credit when different languages are offered.  Possible topics include BASIC, LOGO or Introductory Pascal.


COMP 292 Seminar

V1-3 cr.  Provides students an opportunity to investigate topics pertinent to the field of Computer Science.


COMP 293 Workshop

V1-8 cr.  Provides an opportunity for experimental study in an area of Computer Science.


COMP 311 Digital Logic Design

3 cr. Prerequisite: CSCI 132. Corequisite: COMP 312.  Covers number representation, fundamental codes, concepts of Boolean algebra, basic logic algorithms, arithmetic, logic units, and computer architecture.


COMP 312 Logic Design Lab

2 cr. Prerequisite: PHSX 205. Corequisite: COMP 311.  Covers digital logic circuit design with software assistance.  Hands-on experience in the design and construction of digital logic circuits.  (Lab fee required.)


COMP 390 Practicum

1 cr. Prerequisite: CSCI 246.  Provides practical experience in the administration of a desktop laboratory.  Includes both hardware and software troubleshooting.


COMP 402 Artificial Intelligence

3 cr. Prerequisites: CSCI 246 and some programming experience.  Covers data representation, production systems, search strategies, expert systems.  Leads to competence with an AI language such as LISP.


COMP 491 Independent Study

V1-3 cr. Prerequisites: consent of instructor and department chairperson.  Provides outstanding students an individual opportunity to explore material not covered by regular Computer Science courses.


COMP 492 Seminar

V1-3 cr. Prerequisite: Mathematics major or minor, or consent of instructor.  Investigates intensively topics pertinent to the area of Computer Science.


COMP 493 Workshop

V1-3 cr.  Provides an opportunity for experimental study in an area of Computer Science.