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CHTH - Community Health

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CHTH 250 Introduction to Public Health

3 cr. (3 lec/wk) (F, Sp)  Introduces students to the field of public health, essential public health services, and the complexities that are confronted as public policy meshes with the science that underlies understanding of health and disease.  Explores the primacy of public health interventions rather than medical care as each affects life expectancy and quality of life.  Focuses on evidence based decision-making, as the goals in policy decisions are seldom solely evidence based due to the complexity of conflicts between the diverse stakeholders involved in all public health interventions.


CHTH 317 Health Behavior Theories

[formerly HHP 330 Health Behavior Theories]

3 cr. Prerequisite: Junior level status. (F, Sp)  Provides an overview of the various behavior change theories with specific attention given to individual health behavior, interpersonal health behavior, and group intervention models of health behavior change.  Behavior change theories are discussed in terms of their application to curriculum development and program planning models.


CHTH 355 Theory and Practice of Community Health Education

[formerly HHP 265 Foundations of Health Promotion]

3 cr. (F)  Explores the historical, philosophical, theoretical, and ethical foundations of the health education and health promotion profession.  Students will learn about the process of health promotion through the examination of school, community, worksite, and hospital health education settings.



CHTH 355 Theory and Practice of Community Health Education

[formerly HHP 335 Methods of Health Promotion]

3 cr. (F)  Focuses on the planning and implementation of health promotion programs by health promotion specialists in a variety of settings.  Students explore the “What,” “When,” “Where,” and “Why” of health promotion.


CHTH 410 High Level Wellness Through Decision Making

[formerly HHP 433 High Level Wellness Through Decision Making]

3 cr. (even F)  Introduces the concept of wellness and presents strategies for adoption of a wellness life-style.


CHTH 435 Human Response to Stress

[formerly HHP 436 Stress Management and Emotional Health]

3 cr. (Sp)  Examines the interrelationship of human stress and emotions on health and performance.  Explores theories, research and strategies to enhance human performance and manage stress.


CHTH 450 Worksite Health Promotion

[formerly HHP 450 Worksite Health Promotion]

3 cr. (odd Sp)  Provides students with an overview of the theory and practice of occupational health promotion.  It is assumed that the students have some background in health promotion and may be interested in pursuing a career as a health promotion specialist.