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BIOO - Organismal Biology

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BIOO 412 Animal Physiology

[formerly BIOL 424 Animal Physiology]

3 cr. Prerequisite: BIOB 260. (odd F)  Includes a description of physiological processes in the major animal phyla.  This course considers nervous and endocrine integration, electrolyte and fluid balance, gas exchange, movement, and energetics.


BIOO 433 Plant Physiology

[formerly BIOL 465 Plant Physiology]

3 cr. Prerequisites: BIOB 376, BIOE 370. (odd Sp)  Examines the physiological basis of plant survival, including water movement, mineral nutrition, gas exchange, solute transport, photosynthesis and environmental plant physiology.  Includes physiological aspects of plant growth and development, including hormones, morphogenesis, biological clocks and plant responses to temperature.  Integrates plant physiology from biochemical and physiological perspectives.


BIOO 434 Plant Physiology Laboratory

[formerly BIOL 475 Plant Physiology Lab]

1 cr. Corequisite: BIOO 433. (odd Sp)  Includes exercises related to lecture topics in BIOO 433, with emphasis on the physiology of selected plants in Montana.  Examines physiological aspects of plant growth, development and survival by acquainting students with a variety of methods used to investigate physiological processes in plants.


BIOO 435 Plant Systematics

[formerly BIOL 315 Plant Systematics]

2 cr. Prerequisites: BIOB 170 and BIOB 171. Corequisite: BIOO 436. (even F)  Includes systems and methods of plant classifications as well as collection, identification and preservation of the local flora.


BIOO 436 Plant Systematics Lab

[formerly BIOL 325 Plant Systematics Lab]

2 cr. Corequisite: BIOO 435. (even F)  This laboratory complements the lecture material presented in the corequisite.


BIOO 437 Plant Development

[formerly BIOL 330 Plant Development]

3 cr. Prerequisite: BIOB 260. (even Sp)  Provides an in-depth exploration of reproductive and developmental patterns in plants.  Covers embryonic and postembryonic developmental processes, emphasizing cellular differentiation, generation of form and shape, growth regulation, developmental control mechanisms, genetic and molecular control of development.


BIOO 438 Plant Development Lab

[formerly BIOL 331 Plant Development Lab]

1 cr. Prerequisite: BIOB 260. Corequisite: BIOO 437. (even Sp)  Complements the lecture material presented in the corequisite with laboratory exercises emphasizing angiosperm development.  Includes exercises on gametophyte development, embryology, and development of roots, leaves and stems.


BIOO 450 Vertebrate Zoology

[formerly BIOL 458 Vertebrate Zoology]

3 cr. Prerequisites: BIOB 170 and BIOB 171. (even Sp)  Surveys the vertebrate classes, focusing on classification, morphology, physiology, ecology, behavior, and evolutionary history of each group.


BIOO 451 Vertebrate Zoology Lab

[formerly BIOL 460 Vertebrate Zoology Lab]

1 cr. Corequisite: BIOO 450. (even Sp)  Complements the lecture material presented in the corequisite, with an emphasis on identification of Montana vertebrates.