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BIOM - Microbiology

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BIOM 208 Applied Brewing Microbiology

3 cr. (2 lec/3 lab/wk) (F)

Introduces the fundamental aspects of yeast fermentation and microbiology relevant to brewing.  Some basic microbiological principles will be presented, followed by explanations of the various brewing/quality-impacting processes brought about by biological activity, as well as means of monitoring the brewing process.  This course includes laboratory exercises.


BIOM 250 Microbiology for Health Sciences

[formerly BIOL 251 Microbiology for the Health Sciences]

3 cr. Prerequisites:  One General Education course chosen from the Life Sciences category or BIOH 201. Recommended:  CHMY 123 and BIOH 301. (F, Sp, Su)  Surveys the fundamental principles of microbiology, while emphasizing the relationship of microorganisms to infectious disease.  Designed as an introductory course in microbiology for nurses and health-related majors.  Lab optional.


BIOM 251 Microbiology for Health Sciences Lab

[formerly BIOL 261 Microbiology for the Health Sciences Lab]

1 cr. Corequisite: BIOM 250. (F, Sp)  Emphasizes techniques for the isolation, identification and control of microorganisms.  The lab is intended for allied health science students requiring an introductory microbiology laboratory.


BIOM 360 General Microbiology

[formerly BIOL 340 General Microbiology]

3 cr. Prerequisites: BIOB 260, BIOB 261, two years of Chemistry. Corequisite: BIOM 361. (F)  Introduces the anatomy, physiology, metabolism and genetics of bacteria and viruses.  Surveys the roles of microorganisms in industrial and environmental microbiology as well as infectious disease.


BIOM 361 General Microbiology Lab

[formerly BIOL 350 General Microbiology Lab]

1 cr. Corequisite: BIOM 360. (F)  Emphasizes fundamental techniques for the isolation, manipulation and identification of bacteria.  An experimental approach is used to solving problems in microbiology.


BIOM 400 Medical Microbiology

[formerly BIOL 452 Medical Microbiology]

3 cr. Prerequisite: BIOM 250 or BIOM 360. (even Sp)  Includes a study of pathogenic microorganisms and the diseases they cause.  Pathogenic mechanisms, host resistance, control and epidemiology of the major bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoan diseases are discussed.  Lab optional.


BIOM 401 Medical Microbiology Lab

[formerly BIOL 462 Medical Microbiology Lab]

1 cr. Prerequisite: BIOM 251 or BIOM 361. (even Sp)  The laboratory emphasizes diagnostic methods and culturing techniques.


BIOM 427 General Parasitology

[formerly BIOL 427 Parasitology]

2 cr. Prerequisite: BIOB 260, BIOB 375. (odd Sp)  Studies the life cycles, biochemistry, molecular parasitology, pathogenesis, identification and treatment of the major parasitic groups, including parasitic protozoa, monogeneans, digeneneans, cestodes, nematodes, acanthocephalans, and parasitic arthropods.


BIOM 491 Special Topics

V1-12 cr. Prerequisite: determined as needed.  Provides students with an opportunity to take courses not required in any curriculum for which there is a particular need, or given on a trial basis to determine acceptability and demand before requesting a regular course number.