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BIOE - Ecological Biology

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BIOE 202 Introduction to Environmental Ecology

[formerly BIOL 202 Introduction to Environmental Ecology]

3 cr. Prerequisites: BIOB 101 or BIOB 160. (Sp)  Introduces interactions of organisms with each other and with their physical surroundings in the context of populations, communities, ecosystems, and landscapes.  Emphasizes major global problems, energy resources, pollution, and sustaining biodiversity and ecological integrity.


BIOE 370 General Ecology

[formerly BIOL 355 Ecology and Evolution]

3 cr. Prerequisites: BIOB 160, BIOB 161. Corequisite: BIOE 371. (F)  Covers the concepts of evolution and ecology.  Includes speciation, physiological, behavioral, population and community ecology as well as energetics and nutrient cycling.


BIOE 371 General Ecology Laboratory

[formerly BIOL 356 Ecology and Evolution Lab]

1 cr. Corequisite: BIOE 370. (F)  Includes laboratory exercises related to topics in BIOE 370.


BIOE 483 Evolution and Ecology

[formerly BIOL 456 Advanced Evolution and Ecology]

3 cr. Prerequisites: BIOE 370 and BIOE 371. Corequisite: BIOE 484. (odd Sp)  Examines advanced topics in evolutionary biology and ecology, focusing on critical discussion of theory and the literature.  Content varies but topics may include mechanisms of evolutionary change, evolutionary genetics, sexual selection, evolutionary biogeography, coevolution, and evolutionary developmental biology among others.


BIOE 484 Evolution and Ecology Lab

[formerly BIOL 457 Advanced Evolution and Ecology Lab]

1 cr. Corequisite: BIOE 483. (odd Sp)  Includes discussion of primary literature and computer simulations related to topics in BIOE 483.