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ARTH - Art History

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* ARTH 150 Introduction to Art History

[formerly ART 132 Art History Survey]

3 cr. (Lec) (F, Sp, Su)  Surveys world art from prehistory through the present day with the objective of developing a critical understanding of art forms in their historical and cultural context.


* ARTH 160 Global Visual Culture

[formerly ART 131 Global Visual Culture]

3 cr. (Lec) (F, Sp, Su)  Examines visual culture, which includes painting, sculpture, photography, the Internet, performance, cinema, advertising, and television, as our primary means of communication and of understanding our postmodern world.  Explores the effects of global visual culture on specific cultures and societies.  Special emphasis on the importance of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and the body in visual culture.


ARTH 321 Renaissance and Baroque Art

[formerly ART 331 Renaissance and Baroque Art]

3 cr. (Lec) Prerequisite: ARTH 150 or consent of instructor. (even F)  Surveys the major artistic developments in Europe from the fifteenth through the seventeenth centuries.  In addition to examining the stylistic evolution of Renaissance and Baroque art, this course also addresses the relationship of cultural production to social customs, intellectual trends, political systems, and religious beliefs.  Emphasis on the works of Jan Van Eyck, Donatello, Botticelli, Leonardo daVinci, Michelangelo, Albrecht Durer, Titian, Caravaggio, Artemisia Gentileschi, Bernini, Rubens, Velazquez, and Rembrandt.


ARTH 342 Modern Art

[formerly ART 332 Modern Art]

3 cr. (Lec) Prerequisite: ARTH 150 or consent of instructor. (even Sp)  Surveys major developments in European and American art from the late eighteenth century to the present.  Focuses on the aesthetics and philosophies of modernism and postmodernism and their cultural and political contexts.


ARTH 352 Visual Theory and Criticism

[formerly ART 352 Visual Theory and Criticism]

3 cr. (Lec) Prerequisite: ARTH 150, WRIT 101. (F)  Covers reading, research and discussion of the thought of historic and contemporary art critics and theoreticians, relating them to the practice of creating art.


ARTH 436 The History of Women in Art

[formerly ART 436 History of Women in Art]

3 cr. (Lec) Prerequisite: WRIT 101; Preferred background ARTH 150. (odd F)  Provides a thematic and chronological survey of women as creators, collectors, and the subject of art, beginning with the medieval period and finishing in the present day.  Emphasizes the institutional and ideological factors that have made it difficult for women to achieve equal status in the arts, the Women’s Art Movement of the 1970’s, and contemporary feminist art.


ARTH 439 American Indian Art

[formerly ART 439 Survey of American Indian Art]

3 cr. (Lec) (even F)Presents an overview and analysis of Native American art forms, techniques, and traditions.  Background and interpretation of traditional and contemporary styles and symbols important to both tribal and individual expression.  Includes discussion of tribal arts and crafts associations, markets and exhibitions, and federal laws.


ARTH 451 Contemporary Art

[formerly ART 437 Contemporary Art]

3 cr. (Lec) Prerequisite: WRIT 101; Preferred background ARTH 150. (odd Sp)  Surveys developments in the world of art since 1970.


ARTH 455 Art and the Environment

[formerly ART 434 Art and the Environment]

3 cr. (Lec) Prerequisites: WRIT 101 or ENST 210; Preferred background: ARTH 150. (even Sp)  Explores the relationship between artistic expression and the natural environment from a cross-cultural and historical perspective.  Emphasis on landscape painting, architectural site planning, earthworks, land art and the impact of environmentalism, eco-feminism and holistic worldviews on contemporary art production.


ARTH 492 Independent Study

[formerly ART 491 Independent Study]

V1-5 cr. Prerequisites: consent of instructor and department chairperson.  Provides outstanding students an opportunity to explore material not covered by regular Art courses.


ARTH 494 Seminar/Workshop

[formerly ART 492 Seminar]

V1-5 cr.  Provides advanced students an opportunity to intensively investigate topics pertinent to the field of Art.


ARTH 495 Practicum in Art

[formerly ART 490 Practicum in Art]

V1-5 cr. Prerequisites: Senior level standing in Art and consent of department chairperson.  Provides experience in a responsible appointment as an assistant in some specialized area of the Art Program.


ARTH 498 Internship/Cooperative Education

[formerly ART 496 Cooperative Education/Internship]

V1-9 cr.  Provides university credit for a work experience in the area of Art supervised by faculty.  Learning agreement must be completed prior to registration (restricted).