2010-2012 Graduate Studies Catalog

Master of Science in Psychology

The Master of Science in Psychology provides advanced, concentrated study for students wishing to prepare for additional graduate study, employment in a clinical or research setting, teaching at the community college level, or preparing for licensure.

Degree Requirements Credits
PSYC 505 Clinical Research Methods 3
PSYC 510 Advanced Social Psychology 3
PSYC 515 Psychopathology 3
PSYC 520 Human Neuropsychology 3
PSYC 525 Psychological Assessment of Cognitive Abilities 3
PSYC 530 Psychopharmacology 3
PSYC 535 Techniques of Psychotherapy 3
PSYC 540 Theories of Psychotherapy 3
PSYC 545 Stress and Health 3
PSYC 590 Internship 1-8
PSYC 591 Independent Study 1-5
PSYC 592 Seminar 3
PSYC 593 Workshop 1-8
STAT 541 Advanced Statistics 3
Total minimum credits required for degree 42

Once admitted to degree candidacy, each student will meet with an advisor and complete a Plan of Study.  Each plan of study will include at least 42 hours of classroom credit and the completion of either a thesis or a clinical internship.  In addition, those students who have written a thesis will be required to defend the thesis orally before the graduate faculty.  Students choosing to complete a clinical internship will be required to sit for an oral examination before the Psychology Graduate Committee.  No course in which a candidate received lower than a “C” may be applied towards graduation and only 3 semester hours of coursework in which a “C” was earned may be applied.

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