2010-2012 Graduate Studies Catalog

Master of Science in Athletic Training

Prerequisite Courses

Students entering this graduate program are expected to have appropriate academic preparation prior to beginning academic coursework in athletic training.  The following courses are listed using Montana State University Billings’ rubrics and course titles.  Transcript evaluation will be done by the graduate faculty to determine fulfillment of prerequisite knowledge in these areas.  The course description and/or syllabus will be used to determine acceptance.

Human Physiology and Anatomy I and II with Labs
Exercise Physiology
Kinesiology or Biomechanics
General Psychology
Basic Nutrition

Preferred courses:

Motor Learning
undergraduate research course

Students who do not have a prerequisite course(s) may be admitted provisionally but must take the course(s) within one year of admission.

Program Admission Requirements

  1. Student must have an undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher.
  2. Student must take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or an equivalent exam.
  3. Student must submit completed graduate application form and application fee.
  4. Student must submit three (3) letters of recommendation.
  5. Student must submit an application essay.
  6. Student must submit official transcripts from each institution attended.
  7. It is recommended that a student complete observation hours under a certified athletic trainer prior to application.
  8. Student must have a physical examination with the technical standards and a background check once accepted into the program.

Admission into the Athletic Training Education Program is a competitive process.  MSUB ATEP will accept applications after the deadline; however that applicant will be at a disadvantage.  A student may be considered for the program after the application deadline if the student meets the requirements and a position exists.

Other Program Requirements

For other program requirements including retention and graduation requirements, please see the Athletic Training Education Program website or Graduate Studies for the most current information.

Student Learning and Outcomes Assessment

The National Athletic Training Association (NATA), the Board of Certification (BOC) for Athletic Training and the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) have set the benchmarks for education, exam preparation, and professional practice for athletic training.  The MSU Billings athletic training program seeks to meet and exceed the educational requirements presented in the NATA Athletic Training Education Competencies.  The program seeks further to produce athletic trainers who possess the ability to function as entry-level athletic trainers in accordance with the current role delineation study, but also have the ability to conduct and evaluate research in the athletic training field.

Students who complete the Montana State University Billings Master of Science in Athletic Training will:

  • Meet or exceed minimal requirements for professional certification
  • Ascertain and demonstrate the required skills for all NATA Athletic Training Education Competencies
  • Display critical thinking and formulate sound clinical decision making in their clinical field experiences
  • Establish professional relationships with medical and allied health care providers
  • Develop, design, and execute independent research projects

Outcome assessments are conducted in each course, during clinical experiences, and at the conclusion of the research project or thesis.

The athletic training program was granted initial accreditation in 2005.  The MSUB ATEP is currently accredited by CAATE through 2020-2021.  Students are eligible to sit for the BOC examination.

The Athletic Training Education Program is a two year (five semester) program with each new cohort beginning in the third summer session in July.

Master of Science in Athletic Training Degree Requirements

Thesis/Research Project Track

EDF 501 Research Design and Interpretation 3
HHP 432 Nutrition in Health & Human Performance 3
HHP 550 Psychological Principles 3
HHP 559 Clinical Education I 1
HHP 561 General Medical Assessment 3
HHP 562 Graduate Athletic Training I 3
HHP 563 Graduate Athletic Training II 3
HHP 564 Clinical Education II 1
HHP 565 Lower Extremity Evaluation 3
HHP 566 Upper Extremity Evaluation 3
HHP 567 Clinical Education III 1
HHP 575 Therapeutic Modalities 3
HHP 576 Rehabilitation Techniques 3
HHP 577 Clinical Education IV 1
HHP 579 Clinical Education V 1
HHP 580 Pharmacology and Pathology for Athletic Training 3
HHP 585 Organization, Administration, and Legal Aspects of Athletic Training 3
HHP 597 Athletic Training Practicum/Capstone 3
HHP 598 Research Project 3
OR HHP 599 Thesis 6
Total minimum credits required for degree 47-50

Students may substitute courses and change the plan of study only with the approval of the graduate faculty.

Plan of Study – Thesis/Research Project
HHP 561 3        
HHP 559 1        
EDF 501   3      
HHP 562   3      
HHP 565   3      
HHP 564   1      
HHP 566     3    
HHP 567     1    
HHP 580     3    
HHP 550     3    
HHP 575       3  
HHP 576       3  
HHP 577       1  
HHP 432       3  
HHP 598 or Thesis       3  
HHP 597         3
HHP 585         3
HHP 563         3
HHP 579         1
HHP 599 if applicable         3

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