2010-2012 Graduate Studies Catalog

Special Graduate Admissions

International Students

International students must meet all admission requirements of Montana State University Billings in addition to the following:

  1. Certified copies of all certificates, degrees, and diplomas with a certified translation of the records.
  2. Certified statements from a reliable financial institution, bank, or U.S. citizen who will accept responsibility for the student’s financial obligations.  The statements must certify that the applicant will have a minimum of $12,000 (U.S.) available for each year of study.
  3. Statement of degree objectives (area of major interest).
  4. Students from non-English speaking countries must provide evidence of proficiency in English by submitting an approved score from one of MSUB’s approved English Proficiency tests
  5. An evaluated transcript (WES or ECE, for example) must accompany all graduate applications.
  6. Where required, students must also supply letters of recommendation and a letter of intent pertinent to the degree choice.

A.  For applicants who have completed the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam, a minimum score of 565 is required on the paper-based test and 84 on the internet-based test.  See the chart of tests and scores required at:  www.msubillings.edu/InternationalStudies/Admissions-Grad.htm

Official results should be sent to the Office of Admissions and Records, Montana State University Billings, 1500 University Drive, Billings, MT 59101-0298.  Requests for information on test procedures can be found at www.toefl.org or can be directed to the following address:  Test of English as Foreign Language, PO Box 899, Princeton, NJ 08540.

B.  Conditional/Provisional Admission Option:  Applicants who do not have the required English language proficiency test score for full admission to MSU Billings but are academically qualified, may be considered for conditional/provisional admission through required attendance in the Intensive English Language Program.  This program waives the English Proficiency requirement for international students with the understanding that each international student must successfully complete the program levels through consistent progress during each eight-week session.  For more information on the conditional/provisional admission option, please contact the Office of International Studies and Outreach at (406) 657-1705 or by emailing ois@msubillings.edu.

International degree seeking application

Fall semesters:  March 12th
Spring semesters:  November 1st
Summer semesters:  February 20th

Senior Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate seniors at Montana State University Billings who are within one semester of completing all requirements for their undergraduate degree will be allowed to enroll for up to eight (8) semester credits at the 500 level.  Under no circumstances will undergraduate students be permitted to enroll in courses numbered 600 and above.

Enrollment must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies.  The student must complete the Application for Undergraduate Students to take graduate level classes (available on the website www.msubillings.edu/grad).  A student must have a minimum cumulative undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.0 (based on a 4 point scale) in his/her major.

The above credit limit will not apply to students in a graduate 3+2 program.  Students in such a program will be allowed to take the prescribed classes as the program has designed.

If a student takes graduate coursework as an undergraduate, those credits may be applied subsequently toward a graduate degree only if they are not used to meet undergraduate requirements for graduation.

Please call the Business Office (406-657-2301) or visit the website (www.msubillings.edu/boffice) for information on tuition.

Extension Credits

In order to take graduate level extension courses through Montana State University Billings and receive graduate credit, students must complete the following forms prior to the first class session:

  1. Extension Credit Application form available from MSU Billings Downtown at Montana State University Billings (207 N. Broadway, 406-896-5890).
  2. An Application for Admission to Graduate Study form if the student has not previously taken graduate courses for credit at Montana State University Billings.  Using this form, the Office of Graduate Studies will assign all extension graduate students Graduate Non-degree Status.

Advisors and Plans of Study

After a prospective student has made application to Graduate Studies and has selected a program, the student will be assigned an academic advisor.  Additionally, any student choosing the thesis track as well as some graduate programs in the College of Education require a three person advisory committee.  The student’s academic advisor will help the student select committee members and will serve as the chair of the committee.

Students should schedule an appointment with their advisor as soon as possible after being admitted to candidacy.  Candidates admitted to graduate studies in spring semesters should contact their academic advisors to set up an initial advising meeting before the end of spring semester.  Candidates admitted to graduate studies during summers may need to check with department chair/dean and/or the support staff in those offices on the availability of faculty advisors during the summer months, holidays, or other breaks from the academic schedules.  The student and advisor will develop the Plan of Study during the student’s first semester of graduate work.  The plan should be completed by the end of the first semester to avoid possible problems with the student’s financial aid or registration for future semesters.

The Plan of Study guides the progress of the student toward the graduate degree.  The specific required and elective courses the student must take to fulfill the requisites of the degree program are listed along with the semesters that each of these courses will be taken.  Additionally, the Plan of Study denotes any courses to be transferred into the degree program that are both approved by the advisor and fall within the guidelines for allowable transfer credits for the particular degree.  Once the plan is completed, the student and advisor sign the document and forward to the Department Chair for approval and signature.  Approval and signatures are also required from the Dean of the identified College, and finally from the Director of the Office of Graduate Studies.

The student should meet periodically with his or her advisor to discuss any changes or additions to the Plan of Study.  Finally, the advisor serves as a mentor to the student and as such, assists the student with problems or concerns regarding progress with graduate studies.

Please refer to advisor policies and procedures as described by individual colleges throughout this catalog for more details.

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