2010-2012 Graduate Studies Catalog

Montana State University Billings Scholarships

Several scholarships at Montana State University Billings are awarded exclusively to graduate students.  Application forms are available from the Financial Aid Office, the Graduate Studies office or online.  The deadline for submitting scholarship applications to the Graduate Studies Office is February 1.

Dr. Robert McRae Graduate Fellowship

In recognition of Dr. McRae’s outstanding personal qualities and his contribution as Director of Graduate Studies, 1984-1991, an annual scholarship of $1000 is awarded to a superior graduate degree student who has demonstrated the capacity to provide excellent professional leadership and community service.

Dr. Robert Waterman Graduate Fellowship

In recognition of Dr. Waterman’s caring leadership as Director of Graduate Studies, 1962-1968 and 1979-1982, an annual scholarship of $1000 is awarded to a graduate degree student who by reason of exceptional scholarship and professional contributions promises to be a leader in the profession.

Dr. Helen Wilson Graduate Fellowship

In recognition of Dr. Wilson’s contributions as Director of Graduate Studies from 1975-1979, an annual scholarship of $1000 is awarded to a full-time graduate student who shows outstanding scholarship, research and creativity.

Other Scholarships Offered

The Montana State University Billings Foundation also offers scholarships that can be awarded to graduate students.  Students interested in applying for these scholarships must submit a completed MSU Billings General Scholarship Application to the Financial Aid Office, McMullen Hall first floor east, by February 1.  All applicants must also have applied for admission at MSU Billings. Scholarship applications are available in the Financial Aid Office or online at www.msubillings.edu/finaid/forms.htm.

College of Education Graduate Alumni Excellence Award

Award:   $2,000.  Graduate student, 3.75 GPA or above, plan of study accepted, must have demonstrated ability to provide leadership in Montana schools or human services, letter of support from the faculty advisor.

Dr. Rockne Copple Fellowship

Award:  $1,000.  Graduate student; must have Degree Candidacy status; must have a minimum cumulative graduate GPA of 3.25 and a desirable undergraduate record; enrolled for a minimum of 9 credits fall and spring semester; three letters of reference with application; available to students working towards a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling or School Counseling.

Grace K. Harkins Scholarship

Award:  $125.  Female student; single parent; Elementary Education major; junior or senior in college; full time enrolled student; 3.0 cumulative GPA or above; must have financial need.

Kenneth W. Heikes Family Endowed

Award:  $1500.  Full time upper division undergraduate or graduate student, enrolled in the discipline of Accounting and Information Systems of the College of Business or the teacher education program of the College of Education, demonstration of academic and leadership potential, recipient must not be on academic or disciplinary probation, financial need (as defined by the selection committee), 3.0 overall GPA with at least a 3.25 GPA in declared major field of study.  Scholarship alternates year to year from COB and COE.

Florence Steele Kem Scholarship Fund

Award:  1 undergraduate at $2500 OR 2 graduate at $1250 each.  Montana resident, Education major, undergraduate or graduate student, 3.25 GPA or above, financial need, undergraduate students preferred to be enrolled full time, graduate students may be part-time enrolled if demonstrating continuous enrollment by registering for a minimum of one course per semester. Preference given to students with an Early Childhood minor and/or students admitted to the teacher education program from a tribal institution.

Morningstar Nontraditional

Award:  5 or more at $500.  Madison and/or Ruby Valley resident given preference, 2.5 GPA or above, financial need, part or full-time student, nontraditional student, student enrolled in undergraduate, graduate or vocational degree program.

The Elaine Marie Smith Scholarship Endowment

Award:  $1,000.  Available to graduate students seeking a master’s degree in Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling.  If no Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling majors are eligible, a student working towards a M.S. in Special Education will be considered.  U.S. Citizen; graduate student—recipient must have completed one year of study or have candidacy for graduate program approved through an accepted Plan of Study; 3.0 GPA or above; participation in activities pertaining to field of study is a factor; full time student; financial need.  Scholarship will be disbursed fall and spring semester.

Shannon Weatherly Memorial

Award:  $750.  Graduate student working towards a M.S. in Special Education; 3.5 GPA or above; part-time student; female student; must have completed at least 9 graduate credits and have Plan of Study approved by advisor; must be recommended by Faculty Selection Committee.

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