2010-2012 Graduate Studies Catalog

Montana State University Billings

Mission Statement

The MSU Billings experience—fully embracing Access & Excellence on all levels—is characterized by:

  • Strong Commitment to Teaching Excellence
  • Support for Individual Learning
  • Engagement in Civic Responsibility
  • Intellectual, Cultural, Social & Economic Community Enhancement

Core Themes: Essential elements of the mission that collectively encompass and fulfill the mission.
Goals: The objectives we try to achieve in fulfilling the mission.  The goals were developed from the campus survey on how we manifest each of the core themes.
Indicators: What we assess how we have achieved the goals.

Core Theme 1: Providing an Environment for Learning

Goal 1.1 The university offers high quality academic programs Academic programs outcomes assessment
Number of accredited programs
Placement rates of graduates
Pass rates of graduates on national certification exams.
Goal 1.2 Students engage in learning NSSE and CCSSE data on student engagement
Student retention rates
Graduation rates
Goal 1.3 Student advising
meets individual needs
Student satisfaction with advising
Guidance toward completion of student plans of study
Assessment of student learning from the career counseling experience
Goal 1.4 The campus community provides academic support for students Services provided for student academic support 
Services and resources provided by the Library
Student satisfaction with academic support services
Goal 1.5 Students engage in experiential learning Student participation Cooperative Education internships and Academic Department internships and field experiences
Assessment of student learning from internships and field experiences
Research opportunities for students
Student participation in high-impact educational practices

Core Theme 2: Cultivating Teaching Excellence

Goal 2.1 Instructor/student interaction is evident Full-time to part-time faculty ratio
Student-instructor ratios
Undergraduate student involvement in research projects with faculty and staff
Student summary of interactions with faculty and staff from NSSE and CCSSE
Faculty/staff perceptions of interactions with students from FSSE data

Goal 2.2 All programs of study have qualified faculty and staff Percentage of faculty with doctorate/terminal degree
Success rates in promotion and tenure
Faculty scholarship/Research/Creative endeavors
Periodic reviews of teaching performance
Goal 2.3 The university provides faculty and staff development opportunities Funding for faculty and staff travel and research
Faculty and staff participation in conferences
Workshops for faculty and staff development
Training for instructors
Goal 2.4 The university infrastructure enhances teaching excellence Programs to promote teaching excellence
Equipment and classroom remodels and renovations
Technology for classrooms
Technology training and education for faculty and staff

Core Theme 3: Promoting and Engaging in Civic Responsibility

Goal 3.1 Civic responsibility is infused across the curricula. Course outcome(s) related to understanding &/or attitudes of/toward civic responsibility.
Course outcome(s) demonstrating civically responsible action
Involvement of faculty members and disciplines in teaching service learning courses
Goal 3.2 The campus community exhibits a sense of civic responsibility Student enrollment in service learning courses and community service work study internships at non-for-profit agencies
Nature and variety of Service Learning Projects and outreach/public service events and programs
Faculty, staff and student participation in civic engagement events and programs
Range of communities, individuals and agencies served in service learning and outreach projects
Programs to recognize faculty, staff & student volunteer activities
Assessment of student learning from service learning activities

Core Theme 4: Enhancing the Community

Goal 4.1 The university advances the community intellectually. Research studies focusing on the Billings community
University personnel participation in community advisory groups
Lectures offered to the public
Outreach activities to high schools and middle schools
University-sponsored events and outreach/public service programs offered each year

Goal 4.2 The university enriches the local culture. Cultural events and outreach/public service programs offered each year
Student/faculty satisfaction with cultural/outreach programs

Goal 4.3 The university adds to the social community. Participation of the public in university events
Offerings of community social events each year

Goal 4.4 The university contributes to the local economy. Donations to the community
Partnerships with community stakeholders
Graduate placement in the community
Student and community participation in Career Services and other campus events
Assessments of career services events from employers and students

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