2010-2012 Graduate Studies Catalog

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School Counseling
COE 261, (406) 657-2315

SCOU 504 Career and Lifestyle Development
3 cr. Offered ONLY Online. (F)  Focuses on methods of assisting students to obtain, organize, and analyze occupational, educational, personal, and social information in making career and lifestyle decisions.  Traditional and contemporary career and lifestyle development theories and methods are explored.

SCOU 505 Theories of Counseling
3 cr. Offered ONLY Online (F)  Explores the general theories (behavioral, cognitive, humanistic, and Freudian) that have played major roles in counseling profession development.  Examines representative theorists of each of the general counseling perspectives and provides an opportunity for students to relate these perspectives to their personal theory of counseling.

SCOU 506 Practicum:  Counseling and Therapy Techniques
1 cr. Prerequisite: SCOU 505.  Provides an introduction to practicum experience for counseling students.  As an introduction to therapy and counseling, this course provides the student with an opportunity to learn, develop, demonstrate, and practice skills necessary for observing client behavior(s) and conducting therapy, promoting observation of appropriate and effective counselor/client interactions, and considering developmental levels during the process of interviewing and counseling.

SCOU 507 Ethical and Professional Issues for Counselors and Family Therapists
3 cr. (F)  Provides an orientation to the field of psychiatric rehabilitation.  Includes historical antecedents, philosophical, and traditional connections with the field of rehabilitation counseling, assessment, planning, and service delivery methods for those intending to work in rehabilitation-focused programs serving persons with psychiatric disabilities.

SCOU 508 Practicum:  Multicultural and Gender Issues in Counseling and Family Therapy
1 cr.  Examines current counseling and family therapy from practical culture-centered perspectives while simultaneously respecting traditional individual approaches to the field.  Promotes the development of diversity sensitivity in support of counseling practices that reflect an understanding of psychosocial influences, cultural beliefs, values, and psychological dynamics related to self-identity, self-advocacy, competency, adjustment, and attitude formation.

SCOU 520 Group and Individual Evaluation
3 cr. Prerequisites: EDF 501, SCOU 505, SCOU 506, and SCOU 507 or consent of instructor. (Sp)  Provides training in the proper evaluation, selection and administration of psychological tests as well as correct interpretation and use of test results.

SCOU 527 Counseling in the Elementary and Middle School
3 cr. Prerequisites: SCOU 505, SCOU 506, SCOU 507 or consent of instructor.  Provides exposure to the unique aspects of counseling the elementary and middle school student.  Curriculum materials for counseling these age groups are explored.

SCOU 554 Organization and Administration of School Counseling
3 cr. Prerequisites: SCOU 505, SCOU 506, SCOU 507 or consent of instructor.  Provides an understanding of a structural approach to the organization of school guidance and counseling programs.  Laws and ethical considerations related to counseling are explored.

SCOU 557 Group Process:  Theory and Practice
3 cr. Prerequisites: SCOU 505, SCOU 506, SCOU 507 or consent of instructor. (Sp)  Includes methods of exploring the individual’s own philosophy, values, attitudes, and goals through experience in group dynamics.

SCOU 590 Internship: School Counseling
V1-12 cr. Prerequisite: Approved plan of study and approved internship.  Corequisite: SCOU 597. (F, Sp, Su)  Provides experience as a counselor in training in a community setting.

SCOU 591 Independent Study
V1-6 cr. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor, approval of the Department Chair and the Dean of Education, and Independent Study contract filed with the Office of Graduate Studies. (F, Sp, Su)  Provides an opportunity for students of superior academic standing to explore material not covered by regular graduate courses in Counseling.

SCOU 592 Seminar
V1-6 cr.  Provides an opportunity to investigate topics at the advanced level pertinent to the area of counseling.

SCOU 593 Workshop
V1-6 cr. (Sp)  Provides an opportunity for experimental study at the advanced level in an area of counseling.

SCOU 594 Clinic
V1-6 cr. Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor.  Provides an opportunity to explore and develop advanced skills in working with individuals in counseling settings.

SCOU 597 Capstone in School Counseling
1 cr. Prerequisite: Completion of 75% of approved plan of study or consent of the instructor. (F, Sp, Su)  Provides an opportunity for students in the school counseling program to demonstrate proficiency in the skills presented in the school counseling curriculum.

SCOU 599 Thesis
V4-6 cr. Prerequisite: EDF 501 or equivalent and an approved plan of study required.  This course may be given the grade of “T” until research and writing is completed and accepted within the time limit of the degree.

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