College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Social Sciences & Cultural Studies

Community Advising Board (CAB)

The following CAB members are offering their services to you as you prepare for the job market:


Custer National Forest

Jeff DiBenedetto,Ecologist
1310 Main Street, Billings, MT 59105
406-657-6205 X226


Internship opportunities: Ecology, Soils, Remote sensing/GIS applications, Fire ecology


Career possibilities: Ecology (Range, Landscape, Fire), Soil Scientist

Phone or set up meeting for one-on-one discussion. Phone to arrange job shadowing. They will review resumes but do not do interview coaching.



ExxonMobil Refining and Supply Company
James R. Hughes, Chemical Engineer (Environmental Coordinator)
700 ExxonMobil Rd, Billings, MT  59103


Internship opportunities: unknown at this time.


Career opportunities: ExxonMobil offers employment to qualified candidates in all areas of technical study including but not limited to Engineering, Environmental support, Laboratory analytical work and Computer support.


E-mail or phone to set up one-on-one discussions or job shadow availability.

No resume reviews or interview coaching.



HydroSolutions Inc.
Tom Osborne, Principal Hydrologist
2526 Grand Ave, Billings, MT  59102


Internship opportunities: Hydrologic Technician – position to be posted soon.  Focuses on groundwater monitoring and sampling of wells and springs.  It also entails hydrologic data evaluation, data compilation and statistical and graphical analysis in spreadsheets; potential independent study projects.


Career possibilities: Hydrologic/Environmental Technicians, Environmental Scientists, GIS Specialists, Project Managers.

E-mail or phone for one-on-one discussions and job shadow availability. We review student resumes only for potential applicants, and we do not do interview coaching.



MT Bureau of Mines & Geology
Teresa Donato, Specialist
1300 N 27, Billings, MT  59101
406-657-2938 prefer e-mail


Internship opportunities: Varied research projects concerning hydrology, geology & GIS.


Career possibilities: Mapping, geologist.

E-mail to set up appointment for one-on-one discussions and/or interview coaching.


Job shadow availability: 1/2 day is better than full day. Set up in advance via e-mail at least 1-2 weeks in advance.
Review student resume: yes, e-mail resume.



Montana Conservation Corps
Jenny Alexander, Regional Supervisor
2102 S Shiloh Rd, Billings, MT  59106


Internship opportunities: 10 month Crew Leader position and a 5-month Crew member position. Leadership/technical/backcountry camping skills are taught. For hands-on experience in conservation, we are your program.  You will learn numerous skills, technical, leadership, conflict resolution, and so on.


Career possibilities: Great opportunities to get your foot in the door at numerous government agencies, such as the Forest Service, Park Service, BLM, NRCS, and others


E-mail or phone for one-on-one discussions. Job shadowing availability on volunteer basis. We do not review student resumes or do interview coaching.


Montana Conservation Voters
JD “Pepper” Petersen, Jr., Community Organizer/Development Coordinator
PO Box 63, Billings, MT  59103


Internship opportunities: Program, Outreach, Research possibilities


Career opportunities: Program management, Community organizing, Database management, Fundraising, Political management

Call or e-mail for one-on-one discussions and job shadow availability. We also will review student resumes and do interview coaching.



Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Vivaca Crowser, Regional Information & Education Program Manager
2300 Lake Elmo Drive
Billings, MT  59105


Internship opportunities: Conservation Education and Information internships available upon arrangement with me (Vivaca).  Internship opportunities in other divisions may also be arranged.  Please contact me for more information.


Career possibilities: Assist in internal and external communication efforts (maintaining regular contact with the news media, writing articles, creating brochures, and presenting educational programs).


Assist in organizing the state Hunter Education program and in leading conservation education programs with audiences of all ages.

Other divisions and examples of opportunities include:  Law Enforcement, game warden, fisheries, field worker, biologist; Parks, ranger, maintenance worker, park manager; and Wildlife, research assistant, wildlife biologist.


E-mail or phone for one-on-one discussions and job shadow availability. We also review student resumes and do interview coaching.



Northern Plains Resource Council
Leona Waldhause, Senior Organizer
220 S. 27th St., Suite A, Billings, MT  59101


Internship opportunities: Northern Plains works directly with citizens impacted by coal bed methane development.  We educate and mobilize local people to protect clean water and Montana's natural resources.  Interns would have the opportunity to participate in legal research, writing fact sheets, developing campaigns, conducting face to face meetings with citizens, updating website presentations, lobbying decision makers and educating the public about issues facing Montanans.


Career possibilities: Northern Plains works directly with citizens and also in coalition with like minded conservation groups.  We employ community organizers, and have other program support staff.  We are a part of a seven state consortium and family agriculture net work called the Western Organization of Resource Councils so interns could tap into those opportunities as well.


E-mail or phone for one-on-one discussions and job shadow availability. We do not review student resumes or do interview coaching.



Yellowstone River Conservation Dist. Council
Stan Danielsen, Coordinator
1371 Rimtop Drive, Billings, MT  59105
406-247-4414 | 406-247-4429 (fax)


Internship opportunities: 1 Unpaid Intern position; possible opportunity to accompany researcher into the field. One on one with researcher at meetings; assist with clerical tasks.


Career possibilities: None at this time.  This is a one person staff.

Call 247-4414 or email for a one-on-one discussions, job shadow availability, review of your resume and/or interview coaching.