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CD Library Search results for: My Wild Irish Rose

Genre: Classical
Tracks (22)
Track: Ireland, Mother Ireland
Composer(s): Loughborough/O'Reilly

Track: By The Short Cut To The Rosses
Composer(s): Hopper, Nora

Track: Ireland, My Sireland
Composer(s): Blossom/Herbert

Track: Eileen
Composer(s): Blossom/Herbert

Track: Kathleen Mavourneen
Composer(s): Crawford/Crouch

Track: Mother Machree
Composer(s): Young/Olcott/Ball

Track: Irish Emigrant
Composer(s): Duffering/Barker

Track: Molly Bawn
Composer(s): Lover, Samuel

Track: Low Backed Car
Composer(s): Lover, Samuel

Track: Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
Composer(s): Moore, Thomas

Track: Molly Brannigan
Composer(s): Traditional

Track: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Composer(s): Olcott/Ball

Track: Foggy Dew
Composer(s): Milligan, E.

Track: Where The River Shannon Flows
Composer(s): Russell, James

Track: Rose of Tralee
Composer(s): Glover/Spencer

Track: Bard of Armagh
Composer(s): Traditional

Track: Wearing Of The Green
Composer(s): Boucicault, Dion

Track: Dear Little Shamrock
Composer(s): Cherry/Jackson

Track: Come Back To Erin
Composer(s): Bernard, Charlotte

Track: Asthore
Composer(s): Bingham/Trotere

Track: My Lagan Love
Composer(s): MacCathmhaoil, Seosamh

Track: My Wild Irish Rose
Composer(s): Olcott

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