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CD Library Search results for: Feast of St. Edward, King and Confessor, at Westminster Abbey

Genre: Classical
Tracks (14)
Track: Laudes Regiae
Composer(s): Plainsong

Track: Preces
Composer(s): Smith, William

Track: Psalm 132
Composer(s): Crotch, William

Track: Te Deum
Composer(s): Stanford, Sir Charles

Track: Benedictus
Composer(s): Stanford, Sir Charles

Track: Responses
Composer(s): Smith/Stone

Track: O God, thou art my God
Composer(s): Purcell, Henry

Track: Missa brevis
Composer(s): Harvey, Jonathan

Track: Os iusti meditabitur
Composer(s): Bruckner, Anton

Track: Psalm 99
Composer(s): Morley, William

Track: Magnificat
Composer(s): Purcell, Henry

Track: Nunc dimittis
Composer(s): Purcell, Henry

Track: King and the Robin
Composer(s): Moore, Philip

Track: Te Deum, Op. 11
Composer(s): Demessieux, Jeanne

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