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CD Library Search results for: Music of the Romantic Pianist/Composer

Genre: Classical
Tracks (28)
Track: Octave Etude in Ab Major, Op. 740, No. 33
Composer(s): Czerny, Carl

Track: Le depart (Romance variee en forme d'etude)
Composer(s): Thalberg, Sigismond

Track: Waltz in Db Major, Op. 64, No. 1
Composer(s): Chopin, Frederic

Track: Pasquinade (Caprice), Op. 59
Composer(s): Gottschalk, Louis Moreau

Track: Elegy No. 4 (Turandots Frauengemach)
Composer(s): Busoni, Ferruccio

Track: Alt-Wien (Triakontameron, No. 11)
Composer(s): Godowsky, Leopold

Track: Nocturne (Complaint)
Composer(s): Hoffmann, Josef

Track: Etude-Tableau in Eb Minor, Op. 39, No. 5
Composer(s): Rachmaninoff, Sergei

Track: La pluie des perles, Op. 61
Composer(s): Osborne, George

Track: Nocturne No. 5 in Bb Major
Composer(s): Field, John

Track: Transcendental Etude No. 10 in F Minor
Composer(s): Liszt, Franz

Track: Valse brillante in Ab Major
Composer(s): Moszkowski, Moritz

Track: Romance in Eb Major, Op. 44, No. 1
Composer(s): Rubinstein, Anton

Track: Rhapsody in C Major, Op. 11, No. 3
Composer(s): Dohnanyi, Ernst von

Track: Etude in D# Minor, Op. 8, No. 12
Composer(s): Scriabin, Alexander

Track: Etude in F Minor No. 1 from Trois nouvelles Etudes
Composer(s): Chopin, Frederic

Track: Un moment musical, Op. 16, No. 6
Composer(s): Paderewski, Ignacy Jan

Track: Postludium, Op. 13, No. 10
Composer(s): Dohnanyi, Ernst von

Track: Viennese Dance No. 3
Composer(s): Friedman, Ignacy

Track: Melody from Orfeo
Composer(s): Gluck/Sgambati

Track: Paraphrase de concert from Rigoletto
Composer(s): Verdi/Liszt

Track: , VonWeber: Rondo from Piano Sonata No. 1 in C Major, Op. 24
Composer(s): Weber, Carl Maria von

Track: Arabesque valsante, Op. 6
Composer(s): Levitzki, Mischa

Track: Feux-Follets (Jack O'Lanterns), Op. 24, No. 3
Composer(s): Philipp, Isidore

Track: Valse, Op. 38
Composer(s): Scriabin, Alexander

Track: At the Spring (An der Quelle)
Composer(s): Joseffy, Rafael

Track: Carnaval de Vienne (Humoresque on Themes by Johann Strauss)
Composer(s): Rosenthal, Moriz

Track: Valse-Etude in Db Major, Op. 83
Composer(s): Mayer, Charles

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