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CD Library Search results for: Piano Concertos from The Movies

Composer(s): Various
Genre: Classical
Tracks (9)
Track: Warsaw Concerto
Composer(s): Addinsell, Richard

Track: Portrait of Isla
Composer(s): Beaver, Jack

Track: Spellbound Concerto
Composer(s): Rosa, Miklos

Track: Legend of the Glass Mountain
Composer(s): Rota, Nino

Track: Theme and Waltz from Murder on the Orient Express
Composer(s): Bennett, Richard Rodney

Track: Cornish Rhapsody
Composer(s): Bath, Hubert

Track: Concerto Macabre
Composer(s): Herrmann, Bernard

Track: Dream of Olwen
Composer(s): Williams, Charles

Track: Midnight on the Cliffs
Composer(s): Pennario, Leonard

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