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CD Library Search results for: Rhythm & Brass, Song & Dance

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Tracks (10)
Track: Sabre Dance from Gayanne
Composer(s): Khachaturian/Gluck

Track: Lullaby from Gayanne
Composer(s): Khachaturian/Villarrubia

Track: Dance of The Rose Maidens from Gayanne
Composer(s): Khachaturian/Villarrubia

Track: Centone No. 5
Composer(s): Scheidt/Reynolds

Track: Dance Suite
Composer(s): Bernstein, Leonard

Track: Children's Songs - No. 11
Composer(s): Corea/Gluck/Shuhan

Track: Children's Songs - No. 6
Composer(s): Corea/Gluck/Shuhan

Track: Nicole
Composer(s): Gluck, David

Track: American Dance Music
Composer(s): McCartney, Daniel

Track: Summertime
Composer(s): Gershwin/Thompson

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