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CD Library Search results for: Camomile

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Tracks (14)
Track: Fields of Gold
Composer(s): Sting/Vamp

Track: Down by the Salley Gardens
Composer(s): Yearts/Trad/Vamp

Track: In My Life
Composer(s): Lennon/McCartney/Vamp

Track: Unchained Melody
Composer(s): North/Zaret

Track: Desperado
Composer(s): Frey/Henley

Track: Red is the Rose
Composer(s): Traditional/Vamp

Track: Today
Composer(s): Sparks/Vamp

Track: Tir n'a Noir
Composer(s): Falkneid/Mindel/Staveland/Vamp

Track: Water is Wide
Composer(s): Traditional/Vamp

Track: Wide Awake
Composer(s): Kallevig/Kruse/Staveland/Vamp

Track: Moon River
Composer(s): Mercer/Mancini

Track: From a Distance (Le Couple Ver.)
Composer(s): Gold, Julie

Track: At the End of the Day (Le Couple Ver.)
Composer(s): Suganuma, Esther

Track: Wishes (Le Couple Ver.)
Composer(s): Savage, Britt

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