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CD Library Search results for: Emma Shapplin: Carmine Meo

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Tracks (12)
Track: De l'abime au rivage...
Composer(s): Unlisted

Track: Spente le stelle
Composer(s): Murta/Chapelain/Capdevielle

Track: Verdi, Maria
Composer(s): Murta/Casanegra/Capdevielle

Track: Carmine Meo
Composer(s): Giovanni/Chapelain/Giovanni

Track: Cuor Senza Sangue
Composer(s): Murta/Giovanni/Giovanni/Capdevielle

Track: Favola Breve
Composer(s): Casanegra/Casanegra

Track: Reprendo mai piu...
Composer(s): Murta/Chapelain/Costanzo/Giovanni

Track: Une ombre dans le ciel...
Composer(s): Unlisted

Track: Lucifero, quel giorno...
Composer(s): Chapelain/Casanegra/Giovanni

Track: Ira di dio
Composer(s): Murta/Chapelain/Capdevielle

Track: Miserere, venere...
Composer(s): Giovanni/Capdevielle

Track: A la frontiere du reve...
Composer(s): Unlisted

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