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CD Library Search results for: Voice of the Sparrow: Very Best of Edith Piaf

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Tracks (18)
Track: La Vie, L'Amour
Composer(s): Chauvigny/Rivgauche

Track: La Vie En Rose
Composer(s): Louiguy/Piaf/David

Track: Milord
Composer(s): Monnot/Moustaki

Track: Comme Moi (Like Me)
Composer(s): Delecluse/Senlis/Monnot

Track: Le Vieux Piano (Old Piano)
Composer(s): Leveille/Contet

Track: Polichinelle
Composer(s): Dumont/Plante

Track: Tounjours Aimer (Always Loving)
Composer(s): Dumont/Raya

Track: L'Effet Que Tu Me Fais (Effect You Have On Me)
Composer(s): Murray/Edmond

Track: Mon Manege A Moi
Composer(s): Glanzberg/Constantin

Track: Mon Dieu (My God)
Composer(s): Dumont/Vaucaire

Track: Hymne A L'Amour (If You Love Me, Really Love Me)
Composer(s): Monnot/Piaf/Parsons

Track: T'es Beau, Tu Sais
Composer(s): Moustaki/Contet

Track: Bravo Pour Le Clown!
Composer(s): Louiguy/Contet

Track: C'est L'Amour (It's Love)
Composer(s): Piaf/Monnot

Track: Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
Composer(s): Dumont/Vaucaire

Track: Avant Nous (Before Us)
Composer(s): Monnot/Rouzaud

Track: La Goualante de Pauvre Jean (Poor People Of Paris)
Composer(s): Monnot/Lawrence/Rouzard

Track: L'Accordeoniste
Composer(s): Emer, M.

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