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CD Library Search results for: Celtic Album

Genre: Folk
Tracks (13)
Track: Scotland the Brave
Composer(s): Traditional/Hollenbeck

Track: Riverdance
Composer(s): Whelan/Hollenbeck

Track: O'Sullivan's March from Rob Roy
Composer(s): Traditional/Hollenbeck

Track: Man Title from Braveheart
Composer(s): Horner/Hollenbeck

Track: Highway to Kilkenny: Highway to Kilkenny/Boys of Portaferry/Pullet/Ashmaleen House
Composer(s): Traditional/Cherish the Ladies/Hollenbeck

Track: Magh Seola (Level Plain)
Composer(s): Fahy/Hollenbeck

Track: Cat Rambles to the Child's Saucepan/Otter's Nest/Richie Dwyer's
Composer(s): Traditional/Madden/Hollenbeck

Track: Hebrides
Composer(s): Mendelssohn, Felix

Track: An Irish Symphony - Fair Day
Composer(s): Harty, Hamilton

Track: Planxty Burke
Composer(s): O'Carolan, Turlough

Track: Loftus Jones
Composer(s): O'Carolan/Starobin

Track: Four Scottish Dances
Composer(s): Arnold, Malcolm

Track: Itsbynne Reel: Itsbynne Reel/Boffyflow and Spike/Nil 'Na La/Toss the Fathers
Composer(s): Grolnick/Brecker/Morrison/Traditional/Hollenbeck

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