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Genre: Classical
Tracks (12)
Track: African Suite
Composer(s): Kanengiser/York

Track: A Furiosa (Maxixe)
Composer(s): Bellinati, Paulo

Track: Gongan
Composer(s): Kanengiser, William

Track: Mysterious Habitats
Composer(s): Bogdanovic, Dusan

Track: Klezmer Dance
Composer(s): Traditional/Chelyapov/Charnofsky

Track: Dredlocked
Composer(s): York, Andrew

Track: Fiesta
Composer(s): Salinas/Tennant

Track: Kojo-no-tsuki
Composer(s): Taki/Kanengiser

Track: Passage
Composer(s): York, Andrew

Track: Muir Woods
Composer(s): York, Andrew

Track: Spain
Composer(s): Corea/York

Track: Farewell to Stromness
Composer(s): Davies/Tennant

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