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CD Library Search results for: Irish Tenors: Live In Belfast

Genre: Folk
Tracks (12)
Track: Dublin Medley: Dublin in the Rare Old Times/Molly Malone
Composer(s): St. John/Traditional/McNamara

Track: Carrickfergus
Composer(s): Traditional/McNamara

Track: Bantry Bay
Composer(s): Molloy/McNamara

Track: Scorn Not His Simplicity
Composer(s): Martin/Coulter

Track: Fields of Athenry
Composer(s): St. John, Pete

Track: Star of the County Down
Composer(s): Traditional/McNamara

Track: Last Rose of Summer
Composer(s): Moore/McNamara

Track: Red is the Rose
Composer(s): Traditional/McNamara

Track: Lift the Wings
Composer(s): Whelan, Bill

Track: She is Far From the Land
Composer(s): Moore/Lambert

Track: Ireland, Mother Ireland
Composer(s): Loughborough, Raymond

Track: Green Isle of Erin
Composer(s): Traditional/McNamara

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