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CD Library Search results for: Virtuoso Duets

Genre: Classical
Tracks (23)
Track: La Vida breve - Spanish Dance No. 1
Composer(s): Falla/Pujol

Track: El Sombrero de tres picos - Miller's Dance
Composer(s): Falla/Russ

Track: De los alamos vengo, madre
Composer(s): Rodrigo/Russ

Track: Terezinha de Jesus (Ciranda No. 1)
Composer(s): Villa-Lobos/Pujol

Track: El Pano moruno
Composer(s): Traditional/Williams

Track: Danza de la pastora
Composer(s): Halffter/Russ

Track: Danza de la gitana
Composer(s): Halffter/Russ

Track: El Amor brujo - Song of the Will-o'-the-Wisp
Composer(s): Falla/Russ

Track: Goyescas - Intermezzo
Composer(s): Granados/Pujol

Track: Prelude and Fugue No. 4 in E Major
Composer(s): Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario

Track: Hymn of Christian Joy (Prelude in Classic Style)
Composer(s): Young/Ravenscroft

Track: Prelude (in the Baroque Style)
Composer(s): Ponce/Ravenscroft

Track: Sanctify us by Thy goodness from Cantata No. 22
Composer(s): Bach/Russ

Track: Offertorio
Composer(s): Zipoli/Russ

Track: Canon
Composer(s): Telemann/Parkening

Track: Four Renaissance Pieces
Composer(s): Russ/Parkening

Track: Le Rossignol
Composer(s): Russ/Parkening

Track: Drewries Accordes
Composer(s): Russ/Parkening

Track: Watkins Ale
Composer(s): Russ/Parkening

Track: La Volta
Composer(s): Russ/Parkening

Track: Dolly Suite - Berceuse
Composer(s): Faure/Russ

Track: An Old Music Box
Composer(s): Severac/Russ

Track: Evening Dance
Composer(s): York, Andrew

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