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CD Library Search results for: Long, Long Winter Night

Genre: Classical
Tracks (7)
Track: Norwegian Folk Songs, Op. 66
Composer(s): Grieg, Edward

Track: Peasant Dances, Op. 72
Composer(s): Grieg, Edward

Track: Fifty Folk Tunes from Hardanger, Op. 150
Composer(s): Tveitt, Geirr

Track: Pictures from Nordland, Suite No. 1, Op. 5
Composer(s): Johansen, David Monrad

Track: Variations for piano, Op. 23
Composer(s): Valen, Fartein

Track: Tunes and Dances from Siljustol, Op. 22, 24, & 25
Composer(s): Saeverud, Harald

Track: Peer Gynt - Hymn against the Boyg, Op. 28
Composer(s): Saeverud, Harald

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