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Genre: Classical
Tracks (11)
Track: L'Enfant et les Sortileges
Composer(s): Ravel, Maurice

Track: Ma Mere l'Oye
Composer(s): Ravel, Maurice

Track: Dindi
Composer(s): Jobim/Oliveira/Gilbert

Track: Spain
Composer(s): Corea/Maren/Jarreau/Rodrigo

Track: You Could Be Fred
Composer(s): Allen/Nahmod

Track: This Guy's In Love With You
Composer(s): Bacharach/David

Track: Bad and the Beautiful
Composer(s): Raskin, David

Track: Mexico
Composer(s): Taylor, James

Track: Tea In The Sahara
Composer(s): Sting

Track: One Mint Julep
Composer(s): Toombs, Rudolph

Track: Fools Rush In
Composer(s): Bloom/Mercer

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