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CD Library Search results for: Peacocks Fly to the Southeast

Genre: World Music
Tracks (7)
Track: Peacocks Fly to the Southeast
Composer(s): Zhanhao, He

Track: Chen Xingyuan, an Envoy for Peace
Composer(s): Henan Bantou Tune

Track: Lin Chong's Night Escape
Composer(s): Xiutang/Xunzhi

Track: Yangguan Pass - Three Variations
Composer(s): Ancient Melody/Wenjin/Baoquan

Track: By The Bank of the Yili River
Composer(s): Gongliang/Yuanpei

Track: Song of Armoured Horses
Composer(s): Dengshan, Zhao

Track: Spring At A Sentry Post
Composer(s): Zaishan/Feiyun/Baoquan

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