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CD Library Search results for: Front & Center

Genre: Classical
Tracks (22)
Track: Colossus of Columbia
Composer(s): Alexander, Russell

Track: Front Section
Composer(s): Bagley, Edwin Eugene

Track: Sweeney's Cavalcade
Composer(s): Chambers, William Paris

Track: Troopers Tribunal
Composer(s): Fillmore, Henry

Track: Bugles and Drums
Composer(s): Goldman, Edwin Franko

Track: Washington Grays
Composer(s): Grafulla, Claudio

Track: Veni, Vidi, Vici
Composer(s): Hall, Robert Browne

Track: Regimental Pride
Composer(s): Heed, John Clifford

Track: Show Boy
Composer(s): Huff, Will

Track: Knights of the Road
Composer(s): Huffer, Fred

Track: Them Basses
Composer(s): Huffine, Getty Herschel

Track: Transcontinental
Composer(s): Hughes, Harry

Track: Outlook
Composer(s): Jewell, Fred

Track: Smilin' Jack
Composer(s): Keller, Robert S.

Track: Invictus
Composer(s): King, Karl

Track: Billboard
Composer(s): Klohr, John

Track: Gloria
Composer(s): Losey, Frank

Track: Lights Out
Composer(s): McCoy, Earl

Track: A Warrior Bold
Composer(s): Panella, Frank

Track: Shield of Liberty
Composer(s): Richards, Joseph John

Track: Brooke's Chicago Marine Band
Composer(s): Seitz, Roland

Track: Gladiator
Composer(s): Sousa, John Philip

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