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CD Library Search results for: Spirit of the Land

Genre: Classical
Tracks (19)
Track: Stomp Your Foot from Tender Land
Composer(s): Copland/Everett

Track: Little Bird, Little Bird
Composer(s): Kubik, Gail

Track: Shenandoah
Composer(s): Werle/Davis

Track: Old Joe Clark
Composer(s): Wilberg, Mack (arranger)

Track: How Can I Keep From Singing
Composer(s): Staheli, Ronald (arranger)

Track: Water Is Wide
Composer(s): Paulus, Stephen (arranger)

Track: Saints Bound For Heaven
Composer(s): Parker/Shaw

Track: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Composer(s): Knight, Peter (arranger)

Track: Battle of Jericho
Composer(s): Hogan, Moses (arranger)

Track: Deep River
Composer(s): Ringwald, Roy (arranger)

Track: Let Me Fly
Composer(s): DeCormier, Robert (arranger)

Track: Hello, Girls
Composer(s): Pfautsch, Lloyd (arranger)

Track: He's Gone Away from Three Mountain Ballads
Composer(s): Nelson, Ron (arranger)

Track: Brothers, Sing On!
Composer(s): Grieg/Dalmas/McKinney

Track: Who Are the Brave
Composer(s): Williams/Martin

Track: Make Our Garden Grow from Candide
Composer(s): Bernstein/Wilbur/Page

Track: Seeds Grow to Plants from Canticles of America
Composer(s): Rutter/Grant

Track: Zion's Walls
Composer(s): Copland/Koponen

Track: America the Beautiful
Composer(s): Brabury/Bates/Davis/Taggert

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