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CD Library Search results for: Songs of Democracy

Genre: Classical
Tracks (11)
Track: American Heroes
Composer(s): MacTaggart, Larry

Track: Last Full Measure of Devotion
Composer(s): Kohan/Grossman/Fraser/Davis

Track: God Bless the USA
Composer(s): Greenwood/Davis

Track: This Land is Your Land
Composer(s): Guthrie/Faith/Davis

Track: Battle Hymn of the Republic
Composer(s): Howe/Steffe/Wilhousky

Track: Song of Democracy
Composer(s): Hanson, Howard

Track: High Flight/Air Force Hymn
Composer(s): Magee, Jr./Hamilton/Baker

Track: Those Magnificent Airmen and Their Flying Machines
Composer(s): MacTaggart, Larry (arranger)

Track: Cohan's Big Three
Composer(s): Cohan/Werle

Track: Man and His Music
Composer(s): Berlin/Davis

Track: America, the Beautiful
Composer(s): Bates/Ward/Dragon

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