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CD Library Search results for: Baghdad Blues

Genre: World Music
Tracks (9)
Track: Mesopotamia (Babylon is burning mix)
Composer(s): Folklore/Bashir/El-Nor

Track: Cradle Sound of Civilisation
Composer(s): Bashir, Omar

Track: Baghdad (Kathura al hadeeth) (Transglobal Underground Mixes)
Composer(s): Al Iraqi/Al Sahir

Track: Mohamed bouya Mohamed
Composer(s): Folklore

Track: Il milih wil zaad (Baghdad)
Composer(s): Folklore

Track: Khaleeha ala Allah
Composer(s): Folklore

Track: Ghahwitak azawi
Composer(s): Folklore

Track: Poetic Jusitce
Composer(s): Folklore/Al Iraqi

Track: Baghdad (& poets)
Composer(s): Rahbani/Rahbani

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