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CD Library Search results for: Story of Arabic Song

Genre: World Music
Tracks (9)
Track: Ayouh
Composer(s): Al Saif/Abdou

Track: Ala Balad El Mahboub
Composer(s): Sounbati/Sarrouji

Track: Khayef Aqool Elli Fi Albi
Composer(s): Magid/Wahab

Track: Kunt Fein
Composer(s): El Sayed/Wahab

Track: Hebeena Hebeena
Composer(s): Barakat/El Atrache

Track: Sanatein Wa Anna Ahayel Feek
Composer(s): El Shennawy/Zohni

Track: Alla Allah Ta'Oud
Composer(s): Tama/El Atrache

Track: Yalli Naweit Tishghilini
Composer(s): El Sayed/Wahab

Track: Maza Aqool Wa Qad Himt
Composer(s): El Shateh/Wahab

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