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CD Library Search results for: Consider This...

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Tracks (18)
Track: Mustang Sally
Composer(s): Rice/Laukhuf

Track: Consider This
Composer(s): Laukhuf/Weber

Track: 634-5789
Composer(s): Cropper/Floyd/Laukhuf

Track: Stand By Me
Composer(s): King/Leiber/Stoller/Laukhuf

Track: Fire and Rain
Composer(s): Taylor, J.

Track: Tutti Frutti
Composer(s): La Bostrie/Lubin/Pennimen/Laukhuf

Track: Two More Bottles of Wine
Composer(s): McClinton, D. R.

Track: Natural Woman
Composer(s): Goffin/King/Wexler

Track: Takin' Care of Business
Composer(s): Bachman/Weber

Track: Proud Mary
Composer(s): Fogerty, J.

Track: In the Midnight Hour/My Girl
Composer(s): Cropper/Pickett, Jr./Robinson/White

Track: Angel
Composer(s): McLachlan, S.

Track: Walkin' On Sunshine
Composer(s): Rew, K.

Track: Always and Forever
Composer(s): Temperton, R.

Track: Kiss Me
Composer(s): Slocum, M.

Track: I'll Be There
Composer(s): Davis/Gordy, Jr./Hutch/West

Track: All Star
Composer(s): Camp, G.

Track: Word Up
Composer(s): Blackman/Jenkins

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