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CD Library Search results for: Art of the Trombone

Genre: Classical
Tracks (9)
Track: Duet for trombone and organ
Composer(s): Holst, Gustav

Track: Intermezzo, Op. 53
Composer(s): Schiffmann, Ernst

Track: Romanze
Composer(s): Hoser, Otto

Track: Morceau symphonique
Composer(s): Guilmant, Alexandre

Track: Chorale (Kirchenordnung Braunschweig)
Composer(s): Guilmant, Alexandre

Track: Hosannah
Composer(s): Liszt, Franz

Track: Sinfonia sacra Jesu, meine Freude, Op. 56
Composer(s): Krol, Bernhard

Track: Fantasia, Op. 58
Composer(s): Belcke, Friedrich August

Track: Trombone Sonata
Composer(s): Genzmer, Harald

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