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CD Library Search results for: Black Midnight Sun

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (11)
Track: Herbert Harper's Free Press News
Composer(s): Barnes/Thurston

Track: Lucky In Love
Composer(s): Jagger, Michael

Track: Is It Because I'm Black
Composer(s): Johnson/Jones/Watts

Track: Jody's Got Your Girl and Gone
Composer(s): Barker/Wilson/Davis

Track: Smokestack Lightning
Composer(s): Burnett, Chester

Track: Black Midnight Sun
Composer(s): Sylvain/Moore/Brown/Williams

Track: She's A Burglar
Composer(s): Ragovoy, Jerry

Track: Truly Your Friend
Composer(s): Peterson/Washington

Track: Talkin' Loud and Saying Nothing
Composer(s): Brown/Byrd

Track: Changes Your Ways
Composer(s): Peterson/Washington

Track: Thank You For Talkin' To Me Africa
Composer(s): Stewart, Sylvester

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