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Genre: Jazz
Tracks (13)
Track: Got Eyes For You
Composer(s): Montgomery, Bob

Track: Stella by Starlight
Composer(s): Young/Lewis

Track: Warm Hearted Blues
Composer(s): Strayhorn/Heath

Track: Bee-N-Dubya
Composer(s): Montgomery, Bob

Track: La Samba
Composer(s): Obiedo, Ray

Track: Always and Forever
Composer(s): Metheny/Curnow

Track: Joy Spring
Composer(s): Brown/Montgomery

Track: Little Sunflower
Composer(s): Hubbard/Prebys

Track: I Remember Clifford
Composer(s): Golson/Montgomery

Track: Grease's Blues
Composer(s): Montgomery, Bob

Track: Jeep's Blues
Composer(s): Hodges/Ellington/Montgomery

Track: Estero Sunset
Composer(s): Yasinitsky, Greg

Track: Delicate Touch
Composer(s): Feldman, Victor

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