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CD Library Search results for: Manhattan Transfer Swing

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (13)
Track: Stomp Of King Porter
Composer(s): Morton/Hendricks

Track: Sing A Study In Brown
Composer(s): Clinton/Hendricks

Track: Sing Moten's Swing
Composer(s): Moten/Moten/Hendricks

Track: A-Tisker, A-Tasket
Composer(s): Fitzgerald/Alexander

Track: I Know Why (And So Do You)
Composer(s): Warren/Gordon

Track: Sing You Sinners
Composer(s): Harling/Coslow

Track: Java Jive
Composer(s): Oakland/Drake

Track: Down South Camp Meetin'
Composer(s): Henderson/Mills/Hendricks

Track: Topsy
Composer(s): Durham/Battle

Track: Clouds
Composer(s): Reinhardt/Hendricks

Track: Skyliner
Composer(s): Barnet, Charlie

Track: It's Good Enough To Keep (Air Mail Special)
Composer(s): Goodman/Mundy/Christian/Paul

Track: Choo Choo Ch' Boogies
Composer(s): Horton/Gabler/Darling

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