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CD Library Search results for: Best of George Benson Instrumentals

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (11)
Track: My Heart Is Dancing
Composer(s): Hakim, Omar

Track: Breezin'
Composer(s): Womack, Bobby

Track: Mimosa
Composer(s): Benson, George

Track: Dinorah, Dinorah
Composer(s): Lis/Martins

Track: Being With You
Composer(s): Hakim, Omar

Track: Valdez In The Country
Composer(s): Hathaway, Donnie

Track: Affirmation
Composer(s): Feliciano, Jose

Track: Tenderly
Composer(s): Gross/Lawrence

Track: We All Remember Wes
Composer(s): Wonder, Stevie

Track: Weekend In L. A.
Composer(s): Benson, George

Track: That's Right
Composer(s): White/Smith

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