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CD Library Search results for: George Shearing: Favorite Things

Genre: Oldies
Tracks (13)
Track: My Favorite Things
Composer(s): Rodgers/Hammerstein

Track: Angel Eyes
Composer(s): Brent/Dennis

Track: In A Calm
Composer(s): Farnon, Robert

Track: Not You Again
Composer(s): Lamont, Duncan

Track: Taking A Chance On Love
Composer(s): Fetter/Latouche/Duke

Track: Let Me
Composer(s): Janis/Weiss

Track: Summer Song
Composer(s): Brubeck, Dave

Track: Anna's Song
Composer(s): Swainson, Neil

Track: Anyone Can Whistle
Composer(s): Sondheim, Stephen

Track: Moonray
Composer(s): Shaw/Quenzer/Madison

Track: I'm Getting Off Here
Composer(s): Haber/Hackady

Track: P. S. I Love You
Composer(s): Jenkins/Mercer

Track: It Amazes Me
Composer(s): Coleman, Cy

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