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CD Library Search results for: Kansas City

Genre: Soundtrack
Tracks (11)
Track: Blues in the Dark
Composer(s): Basie/Rushing/Bernstein

Track: Moten Swing
Composer(s): Moten, Bennie

Track: I Surrender, Dear
Composer(s): Barris/Cliford/Handy

Track: Queer Notions
Composer(s): Hawkins, Coleman

Track: Lullaby of the Leaves
Composer(s): Young/Petkere/Allen

Track: I Left My Baby
Composer(s): Basie/Gibson/Rushing/Bernstein

Track: Yeah, Man
Composer(s): Robinson/Sissle/Bernstein

Track: Froggy Bottom
Composer(s): Williams/Allen/Bernstein

Track: Solitude
Composer(s): DeLange/Ellington/Mills/Bernstein

Track: Pagin' the Devil
Composer(s): Page/Gabler/Byron

Track: Lafayette
Composer(s): Basie/Durham/Handy

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