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CD Library Search results for: Instrumental Magic

Genre: Instrumental
Tracks (40)
Track: Songbird
Composer(s): Kenny G

Track: Chariots Of Fire
Composer(s): Vangelis

Track: Classical Gas
Composer(s): Williams, Mason

Track: Charlie Brown Theme
Composer(s): Guaraldi/Mendelson

Track: Good The Bad And the Ugly
Composer(s): Morricone, E.

Track: Memphis
Composer(s): Berry, Chuck

Track: Dueling Banjos
Composer(s): Brickman/Weissberg

Track: Love Theme from Romeo And Juliet
Composer(s): Rota, N.

Track: Theme from Dynasty
Composer(s): Conti, Bill

Track: Theme from Ordinary People
Composer(s): Pachelbel, Johann

Track: A Fifth Of Beethoven
Composer(s): Murphy, Walter

Track: Always There
Composer(s): Laws/Jeffery

Track: Rockford Files
Composer(s): Post/Carpenter

Track: Unchained Melody
Composer(s): North/Zaret

Track: Axel F
Composer(s): Faltermeyer, Harold

Track: Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30
Composer(s): Strauss/Deodato

Track: Theme from Summer Of '42
Composer(s): LeGrand, M.

Track: Midnight Cowboy
Composer(s): Barry, J.

Track: Hawaii Five-O
Composer(s): Stevens, M.

Track: Magnificent Seven
Composer(s): Bernstein, Elmer

Track: Star Wars (Main Theme)
Composer(s): Williams, John

Track: Song from M*A*S*H
Composer(s): Mandel/Altman/DeLory

Track: Grazing In The Grass
Composer(s): Hou, Philemon

Track: Theme from Shaft
Composer(s): Hayes, Isaac

Track: Walking In Rhythm
Composer(s): Perry, Barney

Track: Airport Love Theme
Composer(s): Newman, Alfred

Track: Music Box Dancer
Composer(s): Mills, Frank

Track: Miami Vice Theme
Composer(s): Hammer, Jan

Track: Theme from Hill Street Blues
Composer(s): Post, Mike

Track: Theme From Love Story
Composer(s): Lai, F.

Track: Exodus
Composer(s): Gold/Boone/Marany

Track: Quentin's Theme
Composer(s): Cobert, Robert

Track: Rhapsody In Blue
Composer(s): Gershwin, George

Track: Theme from L. A. Law
Composer(s): Post, Mike

Track: Theme from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
Composer(s): Williams, John

Track: Brian's Song
Composer(s): LeGrand, Michel

Track: Lucifer
Composer(s): Woolfson/Parsons

Track: Theme from St. Elsewhere
Composer(s): Grusin, Dave

Track: Entertainer
Composer(s): Joplin, Scott

Track: Homecoming
Composer(s): Hardy, Hagood

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