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CD Library Search results for: Instrumental Gold

Genre: Pop
Tracks (40)
Track: Theme from A Summer Place
Composer(s): Steiner, M.

Track: Moonglow and Theme from Picnic
Composer(s): Hudson/deLange/Mills/Duning

Track: Blue Tango
Composer(s): Anderson, Leroy

Track: Poor People of Paris (Jean's Song)
Composer(s): Monnot/Lawrence/Rouzard

Track: Last Date
Composer(s): Cramer, Floyd

Track: Love Is Blue
Composer(s): Popp/Cour

Track: Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White (Cerezo Rosa)
Composer(s): Louiguy/David

Track: Chariots of Fire
Composer(s): Vangelis

Track: Love's Theme
Composer(s): White, Barry

Track: Music Box Dancer
Composer(s): Mills, Frank

Track: María Elena
Composer(s): Barcelata

Track: Sail Along Silv'ry Moon
Composer(s): Tobias/Wenrich

Track: Joy
Composer(s): Parker, Tom

Track: Never on Sunday
Composer(s): Hadjidakis/Larue/Towne

Track: Moon River
Composer(s): Mercer/Mancini

Track: Shangri-La
Composer(s): Malneck/Maxwell

Track: Yellow Bird
Composer(s): Luboff/Keith/Bergman

Track: Unchained Melody
Composer(s): North/Zaret

Track: Ruby
Composer(s): Parish/Roemheld

Track: Stripper
Composer(s): Rose, David

Track: Third Man Theme
Composer(s): Karas, Anton

Track: Hot Canary
Composer(s): Nero, Paul

Track: Quiet Village
Composer(s): Baxter, Les

Track: So Rare
Composer(s): Hurst/Sharpe

Track: Holiday for Strings
Composer(s): Rose, David

Track: Ebb Tide
Composer(s): Maxwell/Sigman

Track: Canadian Sunset
Composer(s): Gimbel/Heywood

Track: Only You
Composer(s): Ram/Rand

Track: Autumn Leaves
Composer(s): Mercer/Prevert/Kosma

Track: Lisbon Antigua
Composer(s): Portela/Galhardo/DoVale

Track: Love theme from Romeo and Juliet
Composer(s): Rota

Track: Stranger on the Shore
Composer(s): Bilk/Mellin

Track: Melody of Love
Composer(s): Engelman/Glazer

Track: Entertainer
Composer(s): Joplin/Schuller

Track: Patricia
Composer(s): Prado, Perez

Track: White Silver Sands
Composer(s): Reinhartt/Mathews

Track: A Walk in the Black Forest
Composer(s): Schwarzaldfahnt/Jankowski

Track: Song from Moulin Rouge (Where is your heart)
Composer(s): Engvick/Auric

Track: Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme) from Dr. Zhivago
Composer(s): Webster/Jarre

Track: Wonderland by Night
Composer(s): Gunter/Newman

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